Today: The Voracity | Anna Williams

Spring 2013: Textile Recycling.
Inspiration: Anna Williams Photography

The Varoacity Cheese | Anna Williams | Est Magazine.jpg

Anna Williams was born in Richmond and studied photography at the University of the South under professor Pradip Malde. "The instant I saw the image emerge onto paper in the developer tray, it was like magic." After graduation, visiting professor Owen Butler gave her a simple piece of advice: "If you want to shoot, start assisting."

The Varoacity Cloth | Anna Williams | Est Magazine.jpg

Launching The Voracity in 2010, Anna Williams began the creative visual project as a way of exploring themes of hunger, consumption and beauty through a wide range of styles and technique. A collaborative project involving a wide range of artists, stylists and designers, sees this stunning publication push and develop on Anna’s personal vision of the meaning of each of these three themes. Pictures Source: Est magazine.

The Varoacity Table | Anna Williams | Est Magazine


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